What is IAG all about?
Quote of the Week:
"What force is more potent than love?"
Igor Stravinsky
Iyndea Arts Group is a publishing company that began back in 2009 with a vision of creating art from a unique, illuminary, unique point of view. IAG doesn't focus on one art form in general. It delves into various art forms including: comedy, poetry, script writing, books, songs, verbiage for greeting cards and speeches. Therefore, Iyndea Arts Group is an all-inclusive publishing company that takes every art form seriously. IAG  is constantly looking forward to pushing the limits of art, while appreciating its beauty and purpose. 
Please feel out our survey. The results will be featured in our upcoming book on relationships. It will take no more than 15 mintues, 20 mintues max. We would appreciate your feedback. Everything we do here at IAG is for the betterment of our society, your voice is valuable to this project. Thank you.
Word of the Week:
Epistemic - of or relating to knowledge or knowing: cognitive 
Mission Statement:
To promote awareness, education, a healthy lifestyle, and balance through various art forms that create excitement, spark curiousity, and enlightenment. 
Meet the Founder!
Jacob Isom wanted to leave his on stamp on the world, so he decided to launch a specialized publishing company that gives a voice to those who don't neccesarily have one. Jacob published his first book through IAG back in 2010, and is currently working on several other projects, including another book release, and movie scripts. Jacob Isom has a bachelor's degree in social work and currently teaches 8th grade U.S history. 
The Living Testament