Vent Tuesday - Changing of the Guard

Jacob Isom

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Good Evening,

Today's Vent Tuesday I would like to address what I've seen working with children and being around children every day. Maybe you would agree or disagree with what I will share with you but I always welcome purposeful dialogue. In today's society I have notice the last couple of generations as well as the current one before us mature differently, behaviorally and even somewhat cognitively not progress as fast as maybe past generations. So, what I am saying to you is that our children are not developing and growing the way we may have as children growing up. Of course, this doesn't extend to all children, and there are many factors that contribute to this generational gap if you will.

Here we go, one, we have not evolved as a species in over 12,000 years give or take so instead we are more than likely devolving as a species. Secondly, we can point out that the way we were parented in many cases totally different than how we parent our kids, we spoil our children, they are not held accountable in many situations, they don't have to sacrifice for anything, and let's be honest most teenagers and younger see and hear adult imagery, talk, music at way to early an age. The larger society has way to many negative influences but it always starts in the home. Third, we can never separate the biological aspect from the social, our boys are feminized due to the lack of males around them but also the fluoridated water that they are drinking (do your own research!). Socially these kids are ill-equipped to deal with the pressures of life because they are not be trained to nor have the situations to do so. There is no work ethic, no drive to succeed, no reverence for the past. 

I see a generation that has everything at their fingertips, the resources, technology, finances, and countless opportunities to succeed in life. But far to often I see many of them not realize what it takes to be successful, and to appreciative and not take for granted what is in front of them. Yes, they are young, yes eventually they will get it together, and for those of you that have kids of this generation you may see this. There is no need to panic but as an adult it is our responsibility to let them know what's up. Preach accountability now or forever hold your peace! I love you, as always, I am you, you are me!


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