Vent Tuesday - #communicationiseverything

Jacob Isom

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Good Afternoon,

Happy September, the two most important women in my life was born in this month. Today I wanted to talk about communication. I harp about how important communication is to all relationships and not just romantic ones. I believe that communication plays the most vital role in our dysfunction in society as well as our personal relationships. Think back to all the arguments, disagreements, attitudes you gotten over the years and I guarantee you its been about miscommunication. I know all of my frustration comes from people either not communicating or miscommunication. Well if communication is so important, why do we not pay very close attention to it in all situations. That is a very good question, I have my theories.

Most people have not learned to communicate properly because they come from a environment where communication is not valued. Communication should be as important as eating and drinking, but we devalue it because we believe its natural, people have to talk to us but we haven't learned how. So, we send our children to school hoping they can help but by then we are fighting a losing battle because it is not being reinforced in the home. Humans, we learn everything directly or indirectly, so people communicate based on what they have learn, and as we see, most of the time it is dysfunctional. 

That leads me into my next point, poor communication skills have become normative. Most relationships don't last because we are used to talking to each other in harsh tones, cursing, raising our voices, and being defensive. Every relationship is a little different but poor communication will follow you in every relationship. We have to reverse the cycle, that starts within the home. Family is the first culture kids see, we should be modeling proper communication techniques in front and with our children. But that means that as adults we have to educate ourselves and do a better job with communicating with each other.  I'm sorry, Love and Hip-Hop just does not help our cause.

Thank you to all that support, I appreciate it, I'm working on the second book as we speak, keep reading these post and I promise I will make you proud, until next time, Hotep, I am you, you are me, I love you all. Forgive Everybody, rest in peace Maya Angelou!

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