Vent Tuesday - Confederate Pride!

Jacob Isom

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Good Afternoon,

Yes, it is another beautiful Tuesday which means that it is another Vent Tuesday being brought to you. Anybody who truly knows me know that I am all about addressing the controversial topics, taboo topics, and really any issue that I feel needs to be talked about. So today I want to address none other than the issue over the Confederate flag. It is no secret that this symbol is marred by racist feelings and negativity that comes out of the Civil War era. In my honest opinion, it is hard to believe that there is an argument for keeping this symbol around but maybe its because there are so many other racist symbols and our culture has always been enmeshed in these racial overtones. 

I'm all about transparency more than anything, and I really feel uneasy about how this debate reemerged after it was dead for so many years. Yes, the killing of the Charleston 9 was horrific and events such as these always call for some kind of action. But we are always reactionary and not about seeing the fight through. We gave up on the removal of the confederate flag and it takes a tragedy to rehash these sentiments. The symbol has been offensive to most for a very long time, it shouldn't have taken 9 people to die for us to finally be about some action. Symbols are very important to all human cultures, they either evoke happiness or anger, sadness or regret. They are not going anywhere, so we have to be forthcoming with our emotions over symbols. But with have to also be cognizant about not letting our language and perception of these symbols cause us irrational and destructive behaviors. 

We've let politicians dictate our fate, when sovereignty resides in the people's hands. If we the people want change, we have to make that happen. But far too often our reality becomes what the same people who have murdered us, extorted us, neglected us, and disenfranchised us. The the use of television, mass media, music, movies, and other platforms we have been conditioned to hate ourselves and love their wealth. Racism will not vanish becomes a flag comes down. Although racism is still an cancer to the public, it has becomes less about what you look like and more about what you identify with.

I am you, you are me, Hotep!! 

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