Vent Tuesday - Creation in the making

Jacob Isom

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Good Evening,

Better late than never, Vent Tuesday brought to you by If it ain't greasy, it ain't easy, today I want to talk about the world we create. For the last couple of days I have been racking my brains to try and understand why I haven't been in the best mood. But it just now hit me that its because I work hard to give my students and others knowledge and understanding. And this in itself is a draining task, very draining but I wouldn't trade it for anything else. You see we create our world, yes there are factors we can't control but many we can. We have the ability to affect lives, we have the ability to be happy, we have the ability to be successful if we want if bad enough. Many people around the country will be celebrating Easter Sunday and have no idea where it came from or the original story behind it (meaning where it was stolen from!) In most cases, our world was already created for us, and we follow along in the footsteps of ignorance. Without self-discovery how do you expect to grow, without self-knowledge how do you expect to conquer your emotions, without self-love how do you expect for someone else to love you unconditionally! I urge you not to hibernate for 4 years and resurface during presidential elections, I urge you to question everything because your society has been based on fabrications, I urge you to continue to educate yourself because the weak perish and get taken advantage of. Create a world that fits you, benefits you, and allows others to see your shine as well as benefits them as well. As always, I am you, you are me, I love you, No Justice, No Peace, They will stop killing us, when we stop killing us! Learn, Live, Love and Laugh, Hotep!

The Living Testament