Vent Tuesday - Do Black Lives Really Matter?

Jacob Isom

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Good Afternoon,

I have saved this post for today even though I've been itching to express my opinion over this matter for the last few days. I listen to the news outlets, media and those on social networking sites voice their opinions over the Black Lives Matter movement. It has been given a voice and now some people are even calling it the next Civil Rights Movement. I wouldn't go that far but the rhetoric is out there. As I voice all the time, I'm more about transparency than anything, if we can't be honest with ourselves than we can't expect to create a culture and climate of honest people. It does us no justice to not address what is going on in our own communities and households. I say that to say this, we can't keep putting the blame on outside entities without addressing the flaws from within. 

It is so easy and in many cases it has become reflex to put the blame on someone or something, rarely do we assess our own faults and what we have done to contribute to a problem. The Black Lives Matter movement was the effect and the cause was many young African-American unarmed children losing there lives to police brutality. But how can we preach that black lives really matter when in black communities we sell drugs that kill and we shoot each other through gang violence, and this is happening in our inner city neighborhoods. I understand, this environment was systematically created, this mentality was systematically put in place to denigrate, exploit and keep the biggest threat neutralized and ignorant. What I say to this is NO MORE EXCUSES!!! 

If you want to be taken seriously you have to be about action. We all have heard about the rose that grew from the concrete, we know these people, this is probably us! Why would someone respect you or your life if you don't value it, your community, or the people who have died for your right to be here. Is it right to be treated as if we are animals, of course not, but the blame doesn't just come from the outside, it starts from within. Appreciate you, love you, value you, respect you, then in return it will spread like a wildfire. Know your plight, know your history. Nothing has changed, its just more hidden, black lives only matter to those inhabiting those bodies. Our actions shows this, now when we really serious about a paradigm shift, only then will we see the actions and not the cheap talk. As always, I am you, you are me!

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