Vent Tuesday - Escaping Alcatraz

Jacob Isom

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Good Afternoon,

Today's Vent Tuesday is brought to you by Trading Dollars for Change, Inc. and Keep Your Coins, I want Change, LLC. I have always been fascinated by people's love for fiction books. I always wondered what is it that drew them in to a world that is mythical or not real as we may know it. Maybe some of you can answer this question for me, is it the creativeness, limitless bounds that art fiction can reach? I am definitely a lover of the arts, but I always wanted to know why non-fiction does not get as much attention as fiction. After all, most adults and children who read do so in the fiction genre, and I think it definitely connects to the larger society.

For centuries we have been bombarded with myth, stories, legends and fairytales that are fictional in there own right. In today society, some stories we know are untrue, while some stories we cling to and spread as if they are i.e your biblical stories. We are at a point where we don't know right from wrong, truth from untruth, friend from foe! Maybe these stories give us hope, create emotions for us and extend reality beyond what we are use too. With that being said, our stories have become tradition, and traditions are passed down from generation to generation, sometimes losing meaning and context, we forget about what is really going in our world.

This makes it too easy for socio-political groups to curve history, as has been done already. Myth and legend has become our new history! Materialism and technological worship has become our new religion. We don't learn that Native Americans were a mixture of Africans and Asians, that there is only race that everyone has come out of, and race wasn't used until the late 1700's, that the first Americans were Africans, that water is contaminated on purpose, that we are naturally polytheistic, that we had a male and female God for everyday of the week. We don't know this because our minds are not focused on reality and the history they distorted, but stories and other entertainment that keep us content with our way of life and from the truth.

I must admit, what is good for us, is hard to swallow. It is difficult to understand what is real or who is real when honesty is not at the forefront. Fiction has its place in culture but so does what actually moves us, evolves us and protects our species. That is understanding the world we live in from a psychological, sociological, archaeological, historical, biological, metaphysical standpoint. And yes, this takes us reading and not being told by someone who has an agenda, that they might not even be aware of! As always, I am you, you are me, don't talk about it, just be about it, then we see who really bout it! Hotep!

The Living Testament