Vent Tuesday - FailMary

Jacob Isom

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Good Afternoon,

Hello all, today's Vent Tuesday will be pretty blunt and straightforward as I like to keep it. When I say we, I truly mean it, we never face issues alone, we only choose too. Adults and children are a direct reflection on society. If we are a dysfunctional society that means that majority of the people in society are dysfunctional. I will be addressing adults and children but we always have to start the discussion with adults. As we evolved into homo sapiens our primary objective for survival was to defend our young and make sure they have the proper nutrition and skills to move forward into adulthood. We have failed our children on a number of levels. I could write a entire book on this subject but we will keep it brief today. Although I will be addressing it in my next book (shameless plug)! I can give just a couple reasons why I believe this is the case. First reason being that we try to become our children friends instead of establishing ourselves as the authoritative figure. Our children will gain enough friends over their lifetime, we must set boundaries, rules and expectations. Therefore, when are children get into the social atmosphere they know how to behave appropriately. Second, we do not have a proper distinction between rewards and punishments. Children come to schools in brand new Jordan's but are failing almost every subject, since when did we reward people for failure? We have failed our kids tremendously.

Although we have both a biological and social aspect to our lives, I think we understand that children behave in a manner based on how we raise them. There is so much dysfunction in our homes that I almost feel like this generation is one of low expectations. I will say that adults are uneducated as well. I am of the belief that anyone having a child should complete a parenting course because many people simple don't understand what parenthood is about or simply how to parent effectively. Parenting is not an easy job, so why do we not train and educate people, equip them with skills and tools that they can put to use. We want better behaved kids, then we must create better behaved adults. And we can only do that with education, intervention, guidance and support from families and communities. It takes a village to raise a child. One day we will get back to the basics, we are not in it alone, nor can we do it alone. As always, I am you, you are me. Love you, Hotep! 

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