Vent Tuesday: From Boys to Men

Jacob Isom

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Good Evening,

Welcome back to this week's Vent Tuesday, I am your host no other than Mr. 7 days, if you don't know you better ask somebody! Ok, I'm done, let's get serious for a minute. Today's topic has been on my mind for awhile now and I have to address it. I want to talk about the male population. Being that I am a male and I have made my fair share of mistakes and not always been forthright with communicating with women on a romantic level, I believe in being real with my counterparts, so let's. As men, we have many responsibilities, our children and women look up to us for guidance, stability and security. We are supposed to be the head of the household, provide for our family and lead in the best way we see fit. As each generation passes, our roles and responsibilities have changed and as men we have become less stable, less supportive and even less mature. Yes, there are factors that contribute to this evolutionary shift but as men some roles come natural to us without even the thought of what socialization has done to us. 

As men, we have failed our women and our children. We cheat, beat, exploit and demean the very gender that is responsible for our existence on this Earth. Not to mention that many of us don't play a prominent role in our children lives, that's if we even support or have a place in their life in the first place. I'm addressing these boys that have yet to turn into a man. You see just because you 18 and pay bills, that doesn't make you a man. A man takes care of his kid(s), a man looks after his family, a man propels his woman and protects her with every fiber in his body. I don't think ya'll hear me! You deserve much more ladies but its also time for you to stop accepting dysfunctional relationships. Men, we have to stop taking advantage of our women's feelings, they are so loyal to us and we know it. Women have put up with far to much, we have mother's, sister's, cousin's, etc. yet we treat other women with disrespect. 

I look at the men that I know, the great fathers that I know, and I have hope. I will never give up on the idea of a society that has most males growing up to become great men and leaders. We have to train our young boys, but it is hard when you haven't been trained yourself. I will preach education to the death of me, ignorance is not an excuse, its a crutch. Our women and children depend on us, our behaviors and choices affect everybody lives around us. As the man, if we in line, everybody else we follow behind us. We create the happiness and sadness in our household, better know that! My number one goal in life is for me to be the man that my children, wife, mother, family, and friends can look up. Will you care to join me? As always, I love you, Hotep!

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