Vent Tuesday - Man vs Woman

Jacob Isom

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Good Afternoon,

I hope all is well, here we go again, another edition of Vent Tuesday, just living free and loving me. Today we must talk about an article that was brought to my attention by my queen. It was an article on why not to date single moms. I won't put the guy name out there because he is that irrelevant. This guy basically blasts all single mom, talking about how they are liars, all about the kids and themselves, and other garbage. It infuriated me not because of the fact that I know tons of single moms that handle their business but because we always stereotype each other as men and women all the time. All men are this way, all women are that way, never stopping to think that we would not want to be generalized and stereotyped the way we do other people. It definitely affects our relationships as we seek partners and as we continue to maintain a stable relationship. 

We have perceived notions of what a man should be or shouldn't and vice versa. But not two people are alike, even twins, and I can vouch for that personally. Yes, we share some similar traits but socialization is everything and genetics plays a major role as well. Our communication is even affected by the roles we think men and women should play in our homes and outside of them. Instead of letting individuals create their own paths, society has decided your role for you already and most people play right along with it. In sociology, we call this role-playing (and not the one you do in the privacy of your own home!). If we think about it, we had a script from the very moment we came into this world. We had colors picked out, how we should act, what career we would most likely go into, etc. 

The powers that be wants you to play the role because they can control easier that way, then they call you "rebels" or "outsiders" if you don't fit into what America thinks you should be. There is a bigger relationship at play than just the ones in our home, we have been duped into being something other than our true selves. Once we understand our true nature, which is that which resides in us, then we can see our relationships improve and foster our own society, not the one that has been prescribed to us. This is just a taste of whats to come in the book, I love you all. I am you, you are me, we all family. I don't create the story, I'm just one of your spokespersons!

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