Vent Tuesday - No Mirrors

Jacob Isom

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Good Afternoon,

It is another beautiful and another Vent Tuesday brought to you by the most debonair founder of IAG. Today I am happy to say that the new Iyndea Arts Group site has been officially launched today!, I would have a launch party but I have enough to attend too. Anyway, ya'll please come check us out, its been a long process. Some things to check out, yes we are working on a new book, titled to be determined at a later date, working on some movie scripts, and we have other writing services for you. Come check us out!! Please take our survey at, it will be posted on the website as well. This is a survey for the new book, I would appreciate your feedback. Big things poppin, once she stop shoppin!

Today, I wanted to rap to you about an idea that popped up in my head the other day. What if, we had no mirrors, no way of seeing our reflection, do you believe that things would be different? Don't ask me how this formulated in my mind, but its an interesting thing to think about. Our culture is so fixated on beauty. What is beauty, what does it look like, how can we become more like this prescribed image of beauty. We have all been told that beauty is skin deep, that we are all beautiful but the question is do we actually believe it. We still are getting face lifts, butt and breast implants, nose jobs, etc. Who are we doing this for? Is it others in society or is it the negative images that we have of ourselves that make us behave this way.

We have a lot too overcome in life, and how we feel about our own beauty maybe the biggest. If we didn't have that pressure of checking in the mirror in the morning and throughout the day how wonderful would it be. But this is not our reality. We have to go deep down to what the root cause is, beauty is what is! You have to find the beauty in you, no one can define beauty for you! Conformity is our biggest sin! You didn't know, ask somebody, and that person would be me! You can be somebody's clone or you can be your own. The decision is up to you. Beauty is, what beauty does, its more than the physical, lets focus on the whole body concept of beauty instead of this capitalist idea of beauty that sucks you for every dollar you have. I holla! I am you, you are me. One!


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