Vent Tuesday - Still in School

Jacob Isom

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Good Afternoon,

In the spirit of back to school, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the vibe, feeling of this time of year. Not only that, but to share with you what education means to me. I am fortunate to be an educator, I love this profession and I take this mission very seriously. The world of education has its ups and downs but there is no other purpose for me. I believe that I was born to teach, inspire, motivate and encourage people to be the best person that they can be, writing is just one of the few platforms I use. I would be no where in this reality without education. Education saved my life! And I truly believe that with all my might, if it wasn't for my love for learning, my commitment to excellence, I probably would not be here today. 

It is back to school time and for many of us, both student and educator alike, we are getting back into the flow of things. It is important that we relay a message to our kids in the very first week of school, And when I say we, I mean role models, teachers, parents, relatives, etc. That message would be that education is the equalizer, the one thing that can not be taken away from you. Excelling in school is not for the teacher, its for that individual students future. We have to relay this message as a community, not only do we have to relay the message but we have to live it as well. There is not a single job, profession, career, trade, etc. that education is not vital to its success and future progress. And it starts in the classroom.

You know why kids don't value their education, because we don't value our educators! We have to do a much better job at supporting those who take on the brave job of being and educator and vice versa, educators must support parents, guardians and the community. There will always be more challenges and questions than answers and solutions. But we have to start somewhere, we have to be consistent with the message, with our words before we even get to the action. Consistency builds trust, our kids don't trust our message right not because as adults we are not consistent, we are hypocrites. Let's make education our priority, let's have a consistent message and I promise you we will trade those dollars for change! As always I am you, you are me. I love you like a fat kid love cake!

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