Vent Tuesday - #thatsjustthewayitis

Jacob Isom

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Good Afternoon,

Its been a couple of weeks, school is back in so you have to pardon my absence. I will do my best to stay current on my Vent Tuesday but please bare with me. Today, I would like to talk a little about expectations, role models and being a living example, and a hint of hypocrisy that goes on in our culture. My love for speaking and writing comes from my love for life. I would like to think that my outtake on life is not that different from most people but I've been wrong many times for assuming. I want to be an example for my children, so therefore I carry myself in a manner that reflects high morals, character and substance. No one is perfect, but life is about learning from mistakes, but we have to learn. There seems to be a culture of learn enough to get by, like cramming for a test then we forget the information afterwards. We have to retain knowledge but for us to do that we have to study, plan and execute. We can't blame children when they are growing up in toxic environments, with toxic adults. We need more involvement and less reliance on technology and entertainment that creates mummies. 

We have to be an living example, we have to always set expectations high. I work with children everyday, I hear the language, I see the low expectations they have for themselves. Do you think they were born this way? Its not just the home life, our culture breeds negativity, stagnation, and material worship. But if we pay close attention to our homes, our situations, our relationships, our family instead of worrying about everyone else's business than just maybe we can see a paradigm shift. Our children are around caretakers that act similar to them. Place high expectations on everything you do, if you telling your kids to read, then you read, model that behavior, respect is earned not given. We have walking hypocrites living among us, they put on a good front about their beliefs, and everything else but living a lie. We are a talking culture, but we never can live up to our talk. I challenge you to do more, be more, feel more. Look at your actions and others around you and hold them accountable. Everyone fears what they don't understand but no one fears what's right in front of them. You play a part in our destruction but you are also part of the cure. I love you, I am you, you are me!

The Living Testament