Vent Tuesday - What is Vent Tuesday?

Jacob Isom

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

This is my first Vent Tuesday post on the new website but also in a very long time. I appreciate all those who tuned in before and hopefully we can pick up where we left off. For those of you who are new, I will explain what Vent Tuesday is all about. Vent Tuesday began organically about a year and a half ago after a very long, difficult day at work. I took to facebook and "went in" as many would say. I felt so much relief. What started out as a situation where I was venting to all my facebook friends ended up turning to a positive, motivational blog or segment of inspiration if you will. You can only imagine what day it happened on, and now I randomly choose different topics to discuss and I always welcome feedback. So, that is the gist of it, I will start back up next week with a topic that is in the headlines or just needs to be addressed. Until next time, signing off, I am you, you are me, Hotep!

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